The Parades in Europe in 2006


  • Germany

    , by Jean-Benoit RICHARD

    In Germany, the demonstrations of the gay pride are usually named Christopher Street Day, because the first gay riots took place in a bar located in New York, in Christopher Street. Christopher Street Day Berlin
    The parade in Berlin will take place on 22 July. Departure of the procession at (...)

  • Italy

    In 2006, the city of Torino will host the national Lesbian and Gay Pride from 8 to 18 June.
    The Parade
    The national demonstration will take place in the streets of Torino saturday June 17. The parade will start at 5pm from Porta Suza. Route : via Cernaia, via P. Micca, piazza Castello, via (...)

  • Spain

    , by Jean-Benoit RICHARD

    The Spanish Gays and Lesbians will meet in Madrid between 23rd June and 2nd July for the Orgullo Gay.
    The Parade
    The national demonstration will take place on 1st July, initiated by FELGT, the National Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transexuals and Bisexuals and the COGAM, the Organisation of (...)

  • Luxembourg

    , by Jean-Benoit RICHARD

    Gays and lesbians of Luxemburg will meet on 20 May in Luxembourg-city for the annual GayMat. The demonstration
    During the whole afternoon, information boothes of the local organisations such as Rosa Lëtzebuerg, Rosa Lila, Amnesty International, StopAidsNow, Couleurs Gaies (Metz), SchMIT-Z (...)

  • Belgium

    , by Jean-Benoit RICHARD

    Belgian gays and lesbians will meet in Brussels on the 27th May.
    The demonstration
    Departure of the parade at 2pm from boulevard Anspach
    Itinerary : Place Fontainas, Bd du Midi, Place Annessens, Rue de Tournais, Place Rouppe, Rue du Midi, Rue du Lombard, Place St Jean, Rue Dusquenoy, (...)