The French gays and lesbians will demonstrate in Paris on 24 June.

La Marche des Fiertés LGBT

Rendez-vous at 1.30 pm in Montparnasse

Route : bd du Montparnasse - bd St Michel - bd St Germain - crossing of the Seine and toll at the Sully bridge - bd Henri IV -

Arrival around 5.30 pm at place de la Bastille

Parades elsewhere in France

Lesbian & Gay Pride demonstrations will take place between May and July in the main cities of France :

Angers 13 May
Biarritz 17 June
Bordeaux 10 June
Lille 3 June
Lyon 17 June
Marseille 1st July
Metz 3 June
Montpellier 3 June
Nantes 27 May
Rennes 17 June
Rouen 3 June
Strasbourg 17 June
Toulouse 17 June
Tours 20 May

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