Queer sightseeing in Stockholm

, by Jean-Benoit RICHARD

A list of tours organised specially for the EuroPride.

Queer walk through Skogskyrkogården, the woodland cemetery

See this World Heritage Site through queer eyes! The cemetery is the resting place of Greta Garbo and Carl Milles, known for his homoerotic sculptures, and also features the understated Woodland Chapel, with its unusual, effeminate Angel of Death. Advanced booking required.

Stockholm from a gay perspective

A gay-themed summer boat tour of Stockholm.

Transgender walk through Stockholm

Taking the somewhat overlooked history of transgender people as a basis, we take a fresh look at famous cross-dressers such as Queen Christina, nineteenth-century criminal Lasse-Maja and the entertainer John Lind. Advanced booking required.

Pride afloat: from King Christina to Hallongrottan

Guided boat tour of lesbian Stockholm, highlighting lesser-known women and locations from same-sex history.

Stockholm from a transgender perspective

Guided boat tour of Stockholm from a transgender perspective.