The gay scene

, by Jean-Benoit RICHARD

Most of the gay places are located in Gamla Stan, the old town. Look for the rainbow flags to identify them.



- Mälarpaviljongen : a floating pavilion in the heart of Stockholm, crowded when the weather is fine.

- Side Track : leather bar in the basement of the building. Dining is also possible.

- Torget : a very nice place to eat or to have a drink before going to the disco. Very high quality drag queen shows on wednesdays evenings.


- Bern’s Hotel : sushis and asian food, and a wonderful buffet of desserts.

- Leijonbaren : very good restaurant (1* in the Michelin guide) located in the ground floor of Hotel Victoria. The straight friendly bar is open until late in the evening. Don and his team welcome you in a light musical atmosphere.

- Roxy : restaurant managed by a very active girls team


- Chokladkoppen : the chocolate cup, situated on the place near the Nobel Museum. Very pleasant terrace for a light evening meal.

  • 18 Stortorget


- Lino
Open on saturday nights. 4 bars, 3 dance floors and a terrace

  • 19 Södra Riddarholmshamnen

- Club G
Open on friday nights - 3 dancefloors - several bars - Disco, RnB, House

- Patricia : a boat moored on the quay. It is THE sunday afternoon rendez-vous.

Every year, QX, the swedish gay magazine publishes a Gaymap distributed for free in all the gay places of the city. The map may also be downloaded from the website.