Where to stay

, by Jean-Benoit RICHARD

Stay at these gay-friendly hotels and check out their special EuroPride offers.

- Bern’s Hotel 8 Näckströmsgatan

In the center of the city, near Berzelii Park. Marlene Dietrich and Diana Ross spent a few nights at Bern’s. The whole team in actively involved in the preparation of EuroPride, and will have its own float for the Parade.

- Clarion Hotel 98 Ringvägen

- Grand Hôtel 8 SödraBlasieholmshamnen
On the quay near the royal palace.

- Hotel Hellsten 68 Luntmakargatan

- Hilton Stockholm Slussen 8 Guldgränd

Located on Södermal, the south island, near Pride Park, and at 2 minutes walk of the old city.

- Nordic Light Hotel 7 Vasaplan

Located down town, just near central station.

- Hotel Stureplan 24 Birger Jarlsgatan

In a elegant flat of the XIXth century

- Victory Hotel 5 LillaNygatan

In the heart of the old city, a charming old house delicately furbished with souvenirs of the ancient navy. The Leijonbaren is the straight-friendly bar of this hotel.

The Victory Hotel team also manages two other venues, located in Gamla Stan :

You may also use the hotel finder provided by the Stockholm Visitor Board to find an accomodation :